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Old Friend Step-in Slipper, Chestnut, LG (US Men’s 10.5-11.5) D – Medium

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Adjustable closure upper opens up completely to allow a fit for narrow and wide feet. Developed for those with sensitive feet, enjoyed by anyone who wants a custom fit. Ideal for sore feet.

Product Features

  • Chestnut
  • 100% sheepskin lining
  • Leather upper; Velcro closure
  • 100% Sheepskin insole
  • Rubber outsole

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DJMed Orthotic Shoe Insoles – Help Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Support, Heel Pain – Full Length Trim to Fit Insole (Mens 10.5-11.5)

DJMed Original Orthotic Shoe Insoles are a medical grade, firm but flexible support insole to address true arch problems and related conditions. They are light weight with an ergonomic heel cradle for increased stability contouring to the heels natural shape. The top fabric of DJMed’s Original Orthotic Shoe Insoles minimize friction preventing blisters and allow the foot to stay cool and dry. Original orthotic insoles offer relief from all day fatigue and the discomfort of vigorous activities like running. Premium DJMed orthotic made with strong Medical grade support providing the right amount of cushioning to increase stability and reduce pain, while remaining flexible and comfortable.

Comfort for those suffering from flat feet, Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, sesamoiditis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis diabetic foot conditions and many more. Suitable for enclosed footwear such as Athletic Shoes, Work foot wear, Dress and Casual Shoes, with a slimmer fore foot area to help reduce over filling in tighter fitting shoes.

1. Insole size trimming size can be a bit trickier than you think. Always trim your insoles to be one size bigger than expected, test then trim further if needed.
2. It is safest to trim your insoles to be one size larger than expected, test then trim further if needed in 1/2 size increments.
3. Wear a few hours per day only to begin with until feet are accustomed to the improved support. Our feet are very sensitive and need time to adjust to even the smallest changes.
4. For regular insole wearers, it is best to purchase your foot wear in a larger size to allow for your added insoles.

FITTING SUGGESTIONS: Remove your shoe’s existing insoles if possible to replace with your new DJMed insoles. Trim insole edges if needed for a more customised fit using guids shown on the top of your insoles.

Product Features

  • THERAPEUTIC GRADE ORTHOTIC ARCH SUPPORT COMFORT: increase stability and reduce pain, while remaining flexible and comfortable. Protects against the pain and fatigue associated extended periods of standing on hard flooring, during vigorous activity and those suffering from conditions induced by flat feet.
  • HEALTHIER FOOT ENVIRONMENT: Designed to encourage a healthier environment for your feet, light weight, breathable base design improves airflow allowing the foot to stay cool dry, odour and bacteria free.
  • FLEXIBLE USE: Perfect for athletic for casual footwear sports, work shoes and boots for consistent comfort and protection.
  • TRIM TO FIT SIZING: Allows you to have a cut to fit, well fitted insole to your shoe.
  • PRESSURE RELIEF OF JOINT AND LEG PAIN: Joint and leg torsion control, minimise sideways twisting for extra stability, security and correctly balanced foot pressure.

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