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How to ease your foot nerve pain?

Foot nerve pain is a common ailment that affects a large number of people as per statistics. Many people struggle with nerve pain in legs and feet and sometimes in the arms and hands as well. Nerve pain is usually characterized by unexplained pain in the affected area with or without a tingling sensation. Sometimes this kind of pain is mild and can be controlled by appropriate medication and exercise. Sometimes the nerve pain might be severe and cannot be controlled by medication also. In some cases the condition is irreversible and can worsen with the passage of time. This variation depends on the condition of the patient suffering from foot nerve pain or nerve pain in any other part of the body. Most people who are unable to control such nerve pain through conventional medicine are advised to try alternate therapy so as to achieve some respite.

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What are the causes for nerve pain?

Neuropathic pain or nerve pain is caused due to nerve damage. This can either be due to an underlying medical condition such as diabetes or other such diseases or certain injuries in the past or due to ill effect of certain drugs and therapies. One can feel nerve pain even when there is no apparent cause for experiencing the pain. The damaged nerves usually misfire and cause the pain that one feels. Foot nerve pain can be mild or excruciating depending from person to person. People who develop this problem are at a higher risk of developing foot infections and injuries and hence it is of utmost important to take care of one’s feet and visit a podiatrist from time to time.

What is the treatment for foot nerve pain?

For the treatment of any condition, it is important to reason out the underlying cause in order to plan a strategy for the treatment. A case where the cause cannot be diagnosed requires one to try out alternate therapy after a discussion with one’s doctor. Most diabetics would develop nerve pain at some point in their life. Hence it is important to take care of one’s blood sugar levels as high blood sugar is detrimental for the nerves and also health in general. Any injury, big or small in the feet should be taken seriously and must be consulted with the doctor. One must wear only good and comfortable footwear in daily routine. General care and well being of the feet must be maintained. Exercising moderately and regularly is a natural defense against nerve pain. Moderate exercise like walking improves the blood flow in the body and eases nerve pain in the legs and feet. Hence, moderate walking must be included in the daily routine of people battling nerve pain. Other than these alternate methods of easing nerve pain in the legs and feet, one can also resort to foot massages and hot fomentation. This helps to soothe the nerves in the feet and eases the foot nerve pain.